That’s Pretty Speccy

Fashion Blog image - That’s Pretty Speccy

There have been quite a number of special things in my life over the last few days. This weather for … »

#1 Cure For Skin Woes

Fashion Blog image - #1 Cure For Skin Woes

I’ve realized that like me, most women tend to struggle with their skin and bodies. This is perpetuated and often … »

Flower Child

Fashion Blog image - Flower Child

When it comes to clothes, my personal inclinations always tend to sway towards the loose-fitting, heavily printed and boho-chic attire. … »

Little Black Book

Fashion Blog image - Little Black Book

I have a little black book… that is full of secrets …   But not really.   A few years … »

Color Me Happy

Fashion Blog image - Color Me Happy

I enjoy playing around with colors and always end up surprising myself when some seem to get along better than … »

Drawn To Embroidery

Fashion Blog image - Drawn To Embroidery

There is something very appealing and striking about anything visual on clothes. It seems to blend urban and traditional elements … »


One of my guilty pleasure movies is Lolita. It’s a controversial movie due to the relationship between the two main … »

The Yeezy Slide Saga Continues

The story of Yeezy sliders has been going on for a while now. Many fans have voiced their desire for … »

The Uptempo’s Baby Brother

Fashion Blog image - The Uptempo’s Baby Brother

The Uptempo has been one of Nike’s biggest success stories this year. With an incredibly hyped release of a Supreme … »

Playing Around With Prints

Fashion Blog image - Playing Around With Prints

In cold Winter months, we organically tend to reach for solids and dark, pastel colors. In fact, Black and Grey … »

Frill Seeker

Fashion Blog image - Frill Seeker

In 2015, we saw the emergence of the frill, frolicking its way down multiple spring summer runways. Remaining relatively quiet … »


Fashion Blog image - Fri-yay!

Most of the week, thanks to a super busy schedule and a general overall lack of mood to really invest … »

Year Round Staple

Fashion Blog image - Year Round Staple

What is your go-to dress length and silhouette? All of us have one, that one shape that never fails us … »

Ranking: Yeezy Season 1

Oxford Tan The fourth instalment in the Yeezy 350 franchise comes in sadly at last place. The Oxford Tan offered … »