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The Air Force 1 You Can’t Buy

Fashion Blog image - The Air Force 1 You Can’t Buy

When it comes to fashion everybody has different styles, takes a different approach, and of course different taste. For the … »

Fashion’s Biggest Brand

Fashion Blog image - Fashion’s Biggest Brand

High fashion, Streetwear, culture.  Three things that are intertwined amongst themselves, constantly crossing and overlapping.  The influence of culture on … »

The Art of Fakes

Whilst walking the streets of far out cities like Bangkok and Beijing it becomes difficult not to notice the huge … »

You can never go wrong with black!!

Fashion Blog image - You can never go wrong with black!!

Black tops-you can never possibly have enough. Black is a color that can work with just about anything. It can be casual, sexy, laid-back, or glam. This black long sleeve top from NY Collection is a mixture of casual with a touch of sexy. The openings on the sleeves and the little bit of skin popping through is where the sexy vibe kicks in…. … »

A Bit Tied Up

Fashion Blog image - A Bit Tied Up

Inside each of our closets are certain pieces of clothing that almost never see the light of day and stay … »

Hidden Treasures

Fashion Blog image - Hidden Treasures

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I actually really dislike finding something to wear, almost 100% of the time. Whether … »

Little Black Book

Fashion Blog image - Little Black Book

I have a little black book… that is full of secrets …   But not really.   A few years … »

Ranking: Yeezy Season 1

Oxford Tan The fourth instalment in the Yeezy 350 franchise comes in sadly at last place. The Oxford Tan offered … »

An Unknown Brand

In the streetwear world there is rarely space available for small brands to flourish. With brands like Off White, Yeezy … »

The Bling Affair

Fashion Blog image - The Bling Affair

This is no secret- most of us dress for the weather. Cold weather brings with it layers and layers of … »

Boot Bound

Fashion Blog image - Boot Bound

I’m calling it. All you’ll need to stay warm this winter (literally and metaphorically) are boots. Big statement I know, … »