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High fashion, Streetwear, culture.  Three things that are intertwined amongst themselves, constantly crossing and overlapping.  The influence of culture on fashion, of streetwear on culture and so on and so forth cannot be underestimated.  In today’s society it is largely culture that influences successful movements within high fashion and streetwear, yet it is high fashion and streetwear themselves that influence shifts in culture.  To recognise and understand the movements between this modern world triangle is to understand the ways of the 21st century technological society in which we live.  A society driven by social media, by getting likes on Instagram, by putting dope edits in your youtube clips, by manipulating the tools put in place to drive forward the culture.  How often do you see, in articles or blogs, somebody claiming to be “doing their bit for the culture”, whether that be through posting intellectual blog posts, or aesthetic pics on Insta.  This is the culture we live in, this is the culture that drives high fashion, streetwear, music, art and all sorts of other outlets within society, manipulation of this culture will inevitably lead to success.

Recently, Louis Vuitton was voted the 19th best brand in the world, making it officially the biggest global fashion brand.  Many attribute the Italian brand’s success over other big names in fashion such as Hermes and Gucci to its extremely high profile collaboration with Supreme.  While this collaboration has received many plaudits for officially bridging the ever decreasing gap between High Fashion and Streetwear, it is the willingness of such a huge brand like Louis Vuitton, a brand commanding enormous respect, to branch out and work with another entirely different, yet equally iconic name such as Supreme.  Rebecca Robins, Interbrand CEO, said that it was Louis Vuitton’s relationship “between brand and culture” that cemented their position at the head of global fashion.  Nothing can exemplify this more than their Supreme x LV collab.

With Streetwear surging in recent years, brands such as Supreme, YEEZY, Off-White and others have surged to the forefront of cultural relevance.  With the help of influential names from various spheres of modern culture such as Brian Donnelly, the artist commonly known as KAWS, and the Rapper-come-fashion-icon A$AP Rocky, the aforementioned brands have grown in popularity. We have also seen a rise in High Fashion brands dipping into Streetwear aesthetics, Gucci’s recently released track pants spring to mind, with this the border between Streetwear and High Fashion has become muddled, leaving the way for Louis Vuitton to surge to the forefront, capitalising on cultural shifts and cementing their place at the top.

Supreme has for a long time been the most iconic name in Streetwear, so it comes as little surprise that Louis Vuitton chose the skate brand to work with.  Shrewd business movements has resulted in a groundbreaking collaboration that has placed Louis Vuitton at the top of a society where High Fashion and Streetwear are one and the same, they really are doing bits for the culture.


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