Off-White & Nike Tease the Upcoming Vapormax Collaboration

Arguably Nike’s hottest shoe at this moment in time, the Vapormax model has commanded some serious hype in the last few months.  With the ongoing appeal for the silhouette, Nike has released a series of colourways, all of which will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the upcoming collaborative Vapormax that the Swoosh brand and Off-White will soon be bringing to stores.

The collaboration has been known about since early this year, however recently leaked on-foot images of the shoe have forced the much anticipated collaboration to the forefront of Sneakerhead news once again, though still neither Nike or Off-White have given any indication as to when we can expect to see the model hit stores.

The Off-White x Nike Vapormax features some of the features that were applied to Off-White and Jordan’s recently released Jordan 1 model. Similar lettering has been applied to both models, with both sporting the word “Air” in bold on the exterior in what appears to be the same font, as well as a message detailing the collaboration between the two behemoth brands on the instep of the shoe. As well as this, the same orange tab that was attached to the Jordan 1’s Nike tick has been stitched to the Vapormax in similar fashion, perhaps hinting at this being a staple of future collaborations between the two brands. The Vapormax model does however feature some different additions, with the word “Shoelaces” printed in bold – to little surprise – on the shoelaces of either shoe, as well as obvious differences in overall design.

Off-White and Nike have elected to keep the shoe relatively clean aesthetically, with the colourway keeping to a monochrome Black and White finish, the only dash of colour comes from the previously mentioned Orange stitching. Signature Vapormax pieces such as the cushioning system and sock-like upper are present, however a new tongue design makes the shape of this silhouette quite different from any previous Vapormax models. The tongue seems to have been taken from a previous Nike favourite, the Blazer model. The Blazer was renowned for it’s alternative tongue material, seemingly made out of foam rather than traditional materials such as canvas of suede. This, rather odd, addition does not however detract from the aesthetic appeal of the collaborative piece, in fact the design now stands out more than perhaps a more traditional Vapormax design would have done.

So if you’re in the mood for a standout Vapormax model this summer, Off-White and Nike could just have the thing for you, if not, Hypebeast reports that another 10 collaborative pieces could perhaps be coming in the next few weeks. For now, however, we will have to make do with the Vapormax, provided they ever choose to release it…

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