Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I actually really dislike finding something to wear, almost 100% of the time. Whether it be to work or down the street for a coffee, the thought of my bed piled high with viable yet rejected ensembles fills me with dread. So much so, I literally envision a full list of people who I may or may not interact with once I have reached my destination, in order to establish whether or not I can get away with recycling an outfit that I have already worn somewhere else.


Quite sad, isn’t it? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, #firstworldproblems- and having way, way, wayyyy too much to choose from simply does not work in my favour. If only you had a dollar for each time I said that…


So you’d think that if I had too much in my wardrobe, I’d have a clean out. The only problem being I’m an absolute sucker for pretty much everything that I have in there. So when it comes time to say goodbye… It’s never really all that successful.


I treat every statement piece I have as though it has its very own personality, and with a lot of my garments coming from opportunity shops and vintage stores, I believe that they do somewhat take on a new life when they’re adopted by someone new. After all, they are items that I use to express myself to the outside world. I’ve had the cardigan and scarf pictured above for 5 years, and I don’t anticipate on parting with them anytime soon.


I guess the advantage of deciding to keep these treasures after every clean out is that after I’ve forgotten about them for a few months, they are always there to pick me up off the floor as I give up and opt for my most outrageous pair of pyjama pants (FYI they have elmo’s on them) and matching top. That, and they also have sentimental value.


For me, this easily outweighs several tantrums, multiple draws and doors that don’t close properly, and an impending second lease on an additional room dedicated to my treasure trove full of beautiful clothes.

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