A Bit Tied Up

Inside each of our closets are certain pieces of clothing that almost never see the light of day and stay buried within layers of clothing. And then there are those pieces that we wear so much and so often that they almost become us. People will holler your name on the street because they recognize the back of your oft-worn sweatshirt, or your loyal pair of boots, or your signature ripped denims. We all have that special piece of clothing, don’t we?

These also tend to change according to season. When its crisp and hot outside, I organically reach out for my loose, flowy maxi. When its raining, I tend to go for my all-black top and denim look and when its a bit chilly outside, my most faithful companion is this thick flannel scarf.

I pair it with almost anything and thanks to its versatile nature it goes with most clothes too. Over a skirt and boots? Check. Over a dress (wrapped around like an infinity scarf)? Check. Over a casual shirt and denims? Check. It just works and quite effortlessly so. The fact that it keeps you nice and warm and looks trendy enough to sport over anything makes it both functional and stylish.

Because the scarf is thick, I can’t really drape it in fun ways because it almost gives the illusion that I’m choking myself. The best way to wear a scarf of this nature is to simply drape it around your shoulder or throw it back on one side. Winter accessories are a great way of breaking the mundane energy that winter clothes and colors seem to emanate, and this particular element in my wardrobe does just that and more!

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