That’s Pretty Speccy

That’s Pretty Speccy

There have been quite a number of special things in my life over the last few days. This weather for one, a few fantastic cups of coffee, and a recent knitting success story… I taught myself how to knit one purl one. Cheers YouTube.


Whilst on the topic of knitting…


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but knitted items have been detrimental to my transition into this strange season that we call winter. In fact, I’ve had to reign it in a bit, as I did find myself getting carried away in the jumper section at my local op shop. Hint: Never venture into the men’s section. They have a surprisingly wide range of jumpers that rival what’s usually stocked in the womenswear section.


Before I made a mistake and purchased pretty much every knit that I could get my hands on, I didn’t really stop to think about how I could revolutionize the ones that I already had hanging in my wardrobe… Until today.


As I ran out the door to a meeting, a long grey and pink cardigan caught my eye. On my way there, the glorious sun had me rummaging in my bag for an emergency pair of sunnies, and I somehow managed to uncover these babies. They completely changed the look of my knit, which can sometimes come across a bit ‘dressing-gowney’, according to my nearest and dearest. I just like to call it snugly.


In a second I was a lot more polished than I was when I first left the house, whilst fashionably preventing the deposit of more wrinkles into the aging bank. Alternatively, once we reach the cooler depths of winter, a scarf (knitted or otherwise), can also be the perfect addition to a jumper or cardigan that you’re looking to spruce up. By playing with its size and shape, you can easily change the look of pretty much any undergarment.


So go fourth and prosper, there could be a radical accessory patiently waiting for you at the bottom of your bag, right this very second.

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