Of Makeup Organizers

Over the last few years I’ve developed quite a love for makeup, and because I don’t like compromising on quality, I save and save and I research and read up online before picking up any little or big item to add to my stash. I quite enjoy the process and I like accumulating my own little array of makeup things.

But because of a generally random and somewhat haphazard nature, I either end up losing my stuff or completely forgetting about it till on a much later day, I’ll randomly stumble upon it while cleaning out my room and then chide myself for my forgetful ways.

So a month back I went ahead and decided to make a couple of changes for the sake of my beloved little pieces of makeup (and my pockets, AND my sanity). So first same a lipstick organizer which has lowkey been such a great addition in my life. All the lipsticks, now in one place.

Not only does it look organised but it saves time in the morning, when you have all your lipsticks in one place, its a lot easier to decide which one you want to wear. Next came a box for my brushes and eye and face palletes, and finally a bigger box to store all my nail paints and other stray items. Don’t really know how long I’ll keep this up but for the time being, it feels good to know that all your precious makeup is taken care of and within arms reach!

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