Dreams Of Gold

Growing up must mean learning to embrace all the things you thought you would never like as a kid. In my family, everytime you reach a milestone, there’s gifts galore, mostly in the form of Gold and Silver jewelry. And for me, because I have a pretty specific taste in jewelry, one which does not include either of those two elements, I’d often just never wear them and with time, forget they ever existed.

Besides, gold never seemed to go with my skin tone, much like brown it would wash me out and make me look pale, and I’m not just talking jewelry, makeup, clothes, you name it, we just didn’t get along.

Over some time though, I’ve learnt to incorporate elements of gold in my attire. Its tricky business but then let’s admit it, few things and few colors can dazzle (literally and figuratively) quite like gold does. Of course, its a color that works best for important events or evening soirees. I mean you can’t really walk on the streets in broad daylight wearing super conspicuous gold earrings or a gold ensemble, right?

At an office event recently, I paired my bodycon dress with gold heels and a gold clutch. Because the color of the dress was so subtle and understated and the design was also pretty basic, I thought a good way of adding a bit of edge was simply throwing in an element or two of gold, I thought it worked. If you, like me, have been avoiding the color, I’d say give it a go, it might surprise you.

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