Bohemian Boot Camp

Bohemian Boot Camp

When I think of bohemian inspired ensembles, I immediately think of summer and warmer temperatures. Crochet bathers, sandals and endlessly flowing maxi skirts spring to mind, but I’m sure none of us would be caught dead walking through Melbourne at this time of year in a get-up that reflects anything to do the above.


If you’re struggling to get out of the winter blues, you are most certainly not alone. Every hanger I analyze is bound to hold a densely monotoned item, allowing me to nod in mild concurrence and slip under the radar along with all other Melbournians on my morning commute into work.


I do have days though where I’d like to be a bit more expressive, days when black/white/grey/beige will just not cut it.


It’s on these occasions where I pull one brightly coloured or patterned item, and use it as my base for the rest of my outfit. I’ve found that when channeling my inner bohemian, matching back with lighter garments is always best. Jump at the chance to elevate the vibrant colours you’ve already chosen.


Light blue jeans, brown boots and a fawn jacket make perfect counterparts for pinky-reds and purples.


If you’re swimming in a dark wardrobe, Ishka is your one stop shop for a pinch of vitality. If you don’t think you’ll utilize a garment, there are heaps of alternatives. From jewelry to scarves, or even lamps or pillows to brighten up your own personal space at home, these guys will save you from the winter woes and will have you looking like a luminous love-child in a heart beat.


Colour needn’t be scary, but more a reminder that even though the winter season is well and truly upon us, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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