#1 Cure For Skin Woes

I’ve realized that like me, most women tend to struggle with their skin and bodies. This is perpetuated and often made worse by the norms of perfection set by society which we inevitably end up trying to achieve. Not to forget the rampant social media culture where everyone seems to look flawless thereby adding to the pressure of looking perfect.

I personally struggled with acne prone skin throughout my teen years. There were several dermatologist visits, aunties in the family would always give me one too many homegrown solutions to my skin problems and so on and so forth. Needless to say, that had a huge role to play in lowering my self-esteem in those pivotal growing up years. Even now in my 20’s, while that extreme puberty might be behind me, I still have super sensitive skin and as much as I love the sun, open skies and the beach, the heat is never really forgiving or kind to my skin. And while the acne scars don’t go away easy, my skin does feel exponentially better.

I believe my breakthrough, as dramatic as that sounds, came from two things. One, I decided to let go and focus on other things in my life, like my work, my writings, my travels, my relationships and family and let nature take its time to fix my skin issues. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who struggles with similar issues. It takes time, you have to train your mind and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it certainly helps. And the second thing was water. Yeah something as regular and replete as water proved to be my magical elixir. I’m sure you’ve heard of the innumerable benefits of water, and I’m here to reiterate that each one of those is true and so much more. My lips no longer go dry and chappy, my hair feels thicker and healthier, my skin is clearing faster and seems to breathe much easier now. Plus if your body is hydrated properly, you’re likely to feel more active. I usually drink about 10-12 glasses of water without fail, in fact now I just organically reach out for my bottle ever so often without any reminders. If you’re looking for a skin cure, go simple, this is a natural and fast way of doing just that.

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