The Yeezy Slide Saga Continues

The story of Yeezy sliders has been going on for a while now. Many fans have voiced their desire for a Yeezy slider to be released, while for Kanye West and the team at Yeezy there could be no doubt that it would be a sellout piece to drop. Now though, fuel has been added to the belief that Adidas and Yeezy have plans for a Yeezy Adilette model in the works, though it has come about rather unconventionally.

Allen Lord took to Twitter recently to explain that she had found a pair of Yeezy Adilette slides under her bed. The slides, she deduced, must have belonged to an ex as she had never seen them before. Said slides, it has emerged, were a sample -and a great one at that- meaning that the suggestion that this was a pair ready for mass release is probably unlikely. Despite this, the ever reliable sources at Yeezy Mafia have suggested that this autumn could see a “possible” release of Yeezy Adilette sliders. So really who knows? It seems that maybe only Kanye himself would be able to confirm or deny the existence of plans for a Yeezy slider, everybody else doesn’t have a clue.

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