The Bling Affair

This is no secret- most of us dress for the weather. Cold weather brings with it layers and layers of bulky clothing and a general lack of jewelry or accessories. In fact the scope for dressing in the Winters and when it rains is pretty minimal. And yet if you think the cold means bundling up in scarves and cardigans and completely foregoing your much loved bling- you’re wrong. There are plenty of easy (and stylish) ways of not just staying nice and cozy but also donning those lovely gold and silver pieces in all their glorious beauty.

For starters, fabric jewelry like chokers has made a huge comeback in the mainstream markets so why not incorporate the same in your winter wear? You can get pieces with multiple layers or studded stone or simply the classic black choker and look trendy without compromising on being warm. My favorite is sporting a bit of gold or silver over my grey-black cardigans and sweaters. They just seem to add that little bit of shimmer those grim colors seem to scream for especially in this weather. Also, if you live in places that are windy, chances are that long danglers and other pretty earrings are out of the pictures. In which case, why not switch to those fail-safe hoops? They’re nice to look at, easy to wear and stay in place. Additionally, you can add trendy, blingy brooches and studs on top of your cardigan for that much needed bit of jewelry and also have fun while you’re at it!

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