Your 3 Best Slides This Summer

Adidas Adilette


Where else do you start a conversation about slides if not the Adilette? Adidas’ best selling model comes in multiple shapes and sizes now, with the original design now being paired with a “Cloudfoam” model and a much anticipated “Primeknit” iteration. If however, we concentrate solely on the original, trademark silhouette that Adidas offer, there can be no doubting that this base model is an instant hit. The simple reason For Adidas’s success in this is that the design of a slide fits perfectly with their signature three stripes branding. The upper bridge under which you place your foot is the perfect size and shape to utilize Adidas’s striped party piece. It is no surprise then that almost every slide design that Adidas offers sees the three stripes emblazoned in one way or another across that upper panel. The German brand is fortunate therefore that they can do this with such ease, where their rivals at Nike or Puma cannot. It is perhaps for this reason that Adidas charge around £30 for their staple slide, where a pair of Nike Benassi or Puma Popcat slides can be picked up for around half that. The question, therefore, is whether you prioritise price over styling in perhaps summer’s most important fashion item.

Raf Simons x Adidas Adilette

If money wasn’t an object (if only that were true) every man and his dog would be seen sporting a pair of these luxury slip on Rafs. With a simplistic design of cream on white this is an effortlessly stylish silhouette that is typical of the Belgian born designer. With subtle detailing Adidas and Raf give humorous quips such as “this side up” and “hold firmly” along the exterior, while signature Adidas and Raf Simons branding can be found along the outer sole of the shoe. These are undoubtedly trump their basic, boring brother the Adilette for class and style, however the collaborative piece is hampered by an exceptionally large price tag. While Adidas and Raf Simons collaborations have never yielded cheap pieces, there will be some among you that would have expected the relative simplicity of a slider to warrant a smaller price tag to what we have come to expect. This is by no means the case, as the Raf Simons x Adidas Adilette cannot be found for under £110 in stores or online. It seems that even sliders are not exempt from the universal rule that; if you want the best, you have to pay the biggest.

Raised by Wolves “F**k Off” Collection

Streetwear is no stranger to bold and brash slogans and Raised by Wolves is the latest to make use of this anything-but-subtle trend. Coming in colours of red, black and white and sporting the controversial title slogan these slides are bound to turn heads. In the streetwear world this is often the aim, who can honestly say that they’re going to be happy to put all that effort into an outfit and not get a bit of attention as a result. Taking this into consideration it could easily be argued that from a solely streetwear point of view these are the superior slides on offer this summer. At a reasonable £30 this is certainly a better value for money alternative to the Raf Simons Adilette, and with the original Adilette offering little in terms of innovation in design this could well be the slide for you.

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