Black & Denim Duo

There is nothing like a new pair of jeans! I have always told you that Madewell jeans fit me the best, however, Urban Outfitters was running a sale on their BDG jeans and I couldn’t resist! I am so glad I took the plunge because they are now my new favorite high rise jean. I feel like the high rise style keeps everything tucked in nice, especially when you are wearing a bodysuit! This bodysuit I got from Forever 21 for 12 dollars! I was looking at free people bodysuits online and decided to be a “good girl” and go the less expensive route. Viewing this bodysuit online, I couldn’t tell what the exact material was so when it arrived I was surprised! I was expecting it to be more of a cotton material and it turned out to be more of a spandex material, which was totally fine with me. However, there were no buttons to clip the bodysuit together. It was just entirely sewn shut! So my first thought was….I am going to have to totally strip naked when I go to the bathroom—ahh! *sidenote- I got this outfit for Adam’s sisters 21st birthday so you know there was going to be frequent bathroom visits. But oh well–the fit, the back and the neckline were worth it!

As for my accessories, I’m sure you have heard of the Bri Bri belt. Free people sells it for $158- yeaaaa not about to drop over a hundo on a belt for crying out loud! So I did some research and I found a similar belt at Urban for a much better price! I ordered a size small and it was a little too snug. It seemed like it should have been marked as an XS. Anyway, I returned it for a medium and it fit much better!

My choker is from Forever 21 as well and it went with this black and denim duo perfectly!

Shoes? Free people (on sale!!) marked down from $148! There are still a few of the black ones left but they are also sold in red!
You can shop this denim and black duo below 🙂

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Born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania- a small town with small town charm. The inspiration for East Coast Boho started through taking pictures just for fun. My fiancé (the man behind the lens) had suggested I make this hobby a lifestyle. So, with my trusty photographer and some boho street style clothes, I went for it! I am no fashion expert but am learning with you all throughout this journey. I love happy people, funny stories, and good times. Join me in this adventure, as we laugh, smile & vibe with being real! Thank you all for your support! xo gabrielle p.s. always remember, you are smart. you are strong. you are beautiful

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